Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teachers Write Assignment #3

Teachers Write Assignment #3

Getting to know our main characters!

Think of this as an interview, of sorts, where you ask your character questions to better get to know him or he. This applies to all ages, whether you’re writing a picture book, middle grade, or YA. Remember to treat this like a free writing exercise and have FUN. Things to ask yourself:

• What do you look like? (Remember to answer how your character would answer)

• Describe your bedroom. Do you have your own room? Share?

• What is your family like?

• Do you have any pets? Describe them.

• What is your favorite thing about yourself? Least favorite?

• What is your biggest pet peeve?

• What are you afraid of?

• What do you want, but can’t have?

• Who is your best friend?

• Who is your worst enemy?

• What do you want people to know about you, but are afraid to share?

As a three year old who always gets picked on by my older brother, I consider myself pretty tough. Even though I am only about three feet tall, fair-skinned, light brown straight hair that bounces in the back when I run around. My smile is huge and almost makes a straight line. When I laugh hard, my dark brown eyes nearly disappear into my face.

I have my own room, but I don't quite use it yet. Neither does my six year old brother. We all sleep in the same King size bed with my parents. My mom tries to get me and my brother to sleep in our own room all the time, but my dad, has a weak spot. He worries a lot about us and doesn't want us to feel afraid. My older sister, she's fourteen. She sleeps in her own bed and has since she was six. I guess it's almost time to kick my big brother out of the bed.

My mom is a busy bee. She loves to be busy. Always on the go and even when she looks bored, she's really not. My mom is the type of mom that has to be doing something, cleaning, reading, writing, drinking coffee, making cakes or painting her nails.

And when my mother is busy, I play with my second best friend,Mili. I say second because my brother is my best friend in the whole world. 

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