Monday, July 15, 2013

Teachers Write

TEACHERS WRITE:  For today's warm-up, choose a scene (or write a new one) in which your character is experiencing a strong emotion and take out all the usual descriptors (sad, frustrated, angry, tears streaming down the face, eyes watering, face burning, hard to swallow, etc.). And rewrite it. Show what's happening around your character, through your character's eyes, to convey his or her emotion. How we see the world changes dramatically depending on our emotional state. Show us how things change for your character. Is there something in the room that triggers a memory to heighten his or her sadness or fear? A smell? A sound? Use sensory details to help spice up the scene.

She stood in front of his grave. Her face fallen and pale, darkened eyes almost closed shut. Black tears roll down her face slowly and she could taste the saltiness of her tears on her red lips. Her posture hung over as if loads of bricks were on her shoulders. Each sniffle, each breath, each blink seems to take away life from her. She is weak. She wants to die too. She wants to disappear of the face of the earth and forget the emptiness she feels. She swallows and takes a deep breath asking, "Why didn't you take me, Lord, why.........why?" She drops to her knees and props the white flowers in a position so that they nicely lean on the cemented piece. The smell of rain is near and thunder spooks nearby birds and they fly away in opposite directions. Grey clouds darken the sky and rain begins to fall hard. The thunderstorm drains out all sound. She leans over and kisses the grave. She slowly stands up and wipes her face with her pink polk-a-dotted handkerchief, before she runs to her black car near the curb.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teachers Write Assignment #3

Teachers Write Assignment #3

Getting to know our main characters!

Think of this as an interview, of sorts, where you ask your character questions to better get to know him or he. This applies to all ages, whether you’re writing a picture book, middle grade, or YA. Remember to treat this like a free writing exercise and have FUN. Things to ask yourself:

• What do you look like? (Remember to answer how your character would answer)

• Describe your bedroom. Do you have your own room? Share?

• What is your family like?

• Do you have any pets? Describe them.

• What is your favorite thing about yourself? Least favorite?

• What is your biggest pet peeve?

• What are you afraid of?

• What do you want, but can’t have?

• Who is your best friend?

• Who is your worst enemy?

• What do you want people to know about you, but are afraid to share?

As a three year old who always gets picked on by my older brother, I consider myself pretty tough. Even though I am only about three feet tall, fair-skinned, light brown straight hair that bounces in the back when I run around. My smile is huge and almost makes a straight line. When I laugh hard, my dark brown eyes nearly disappear into my face.

I have my own room, but I don't quite use it yet. Neither does my six year old brother. We all sleep in the same King size bed with my parents. My mom tries to get me and my brother to sleep in our own room all the time, but my dad, has a weak spot. He worries a lot about us and doesn't want us to feel afraid. My older sister, she's fourteen. She sleeps in her own bed and has since she was six. I guess it's almost time to kick my big brother out of the bed.

My mom is a busy bee. She loves to be busy. Always on the go and even when she looks bored, she's really not. My mom is the type of mom that has to be doing something, cleaning, reading, writing, drinking coffee, making cakes or painting her nails.

And when my mother is busy, I play with my second best friend,Mili. I say second because my brother is my best friend in the whole world. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teachers Write Assignment #2

Teachers Write Assignment #2: Sometimes, (in your place, on your beach, wherever you are)…

Sometimes, in the Jemez Mountains in July, I can smell the undisturbed humid land, plants and trees in the deep forest that surrounds me. The sound of the river swishing and swashing, splashing against rocks and boulders is relaxing. The quiet wind makes the leaves and branches dance. The sunshine creeps through the passing clouds and trees. The heat of the sun on my face strengthens and I squint at the brightness of the nearby water flow. Birds call at each other, chirping and singing and then they fly across the sky in a pleasantly, beautiful place.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Teachers Write Assignment #1

Teachers Write Assignment #1

'In one sentence, tell me why this story is important to you.

If you haven't started a story yet, tell me why writing is important to you. In fact, you should answer this question either way. :-)"

This is my writing for today's Teachers Write prompt:

Writing is important to me because I am able to express my thoughts and ideas. I love experimenting with words and using mentor texts for ideas. I have always wanted to be a better writer. The only way I will become a better writer is by writing!